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By the Horns


Rachael Slate


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Rachael Slate resides on the West Coast of Canada with her husband and two children—or as she likes to call them, her own little blended world. One of the best parts about sharing in her husband’s Chinese-Malaysian culture is definitely the food—and the awesome celebrations!

Rachael writes stories that blend the lines between mythology, reality, and fantasy. In her worlds, you’ll encounter strong, sexy alpha males and the capable women who challenge them. And always, scorching hot romance.

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Book Information:

Title: By the Horns: A Chinese Zodiac Romance
Release Date: July 28th, 2015

Enter a secret guild of assassins…
As a member of the Lotus League, Natalie Quan is as lethal as she is invisible. Her newest mission brings her to Malaysia, and straight into the arms of the man she relinquished to her past. The only man who has ever seen through her outward façade to her soul. And the one who stands between her and her goal of hosting one of the twelve spirit animals of the Chinese Zodiac—the Snake. To keep the Snake and finally defeat the demon of her past, she’ll have to slip into one more disguise.

Some masks never hide the truth…
The last person Kassian Weld, Chosen of the Ox, expects to be named their newest member is Natalie. Years ago, she disappeared without a word. Now, she’s back with a sexy air of confidence, tempting him to end his pledge of celibacy. Despite her claims of being a capable assassin, no way in hell will Kassian allow Natalie to host the Snake—a volatile spirit. Yet, Natalie is as driven to succeed as Kassian is determined to ensure she fails.

The vows that brought them together threaten to tear them apart…
Natalie is bound to the Lotus League, Kassian is devoted to his oaths, and they are both sworn to their fates as Chosen. The forbidden spark of desire reigniting between them threatens to consume their destinies. But when Kassian unmasks Natalie’s darkest secret, they’ll risk every vow they’ve taken for one chance to seize passion together…by the horn

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Excerpt from By the Horns (Chinese Zodiac Romance Series, #2)

The streets blurred; Kassian surrendered control to Ox. He shouldn’t—he ought to be the one wielding the leash, but his mind was f*cked. He required a moment, just a damn minute, to figure out what had happened back there.
He rolled his shoulders, jerking back from the recess his mind had taken, and uncloaked the beast. What the hell? Ox had brought him to his flat, not the airport.
The instant he resumed control, a sharp jab struck his side, followed by a searing pain in his right collarbone.
He howled and hunched. Nat toppled over his shoulder and onto the floor, and he followed, catching her head before it cracked on the tiles of his foyer.
“What the hell, Kassian!” She shoved at his chest.
“Where the f*ck have you been, Nat?” Because she sure as hell couldn’t have been where the Matchmaker claimed. Six years ago, Nat had sent that cruel text. He’d searched for her, camped out at her family’s house, and nothing. Tonight, she appears out of the blue?
“Get off me and let me go!” Her long, reddish brown locks fanned around her head, and the scent of coconut suntan lotion teased his nostrils, provoking long-suppressed desires. Her soft, curvy body cushioned his—the first woman he’d handled in years. His c*ck responded, blood rushing from his head to that damned organ.
F*ck. He shot to his feet, backing away from the temptation. The past three years, his life had been a clean slate of celibacy and abstinence. No more drunken player/frat boy. He’d dumped that shmuck’s *ss in his past.
No way in hell would he revisit that chapter of his sh*tty life.
Kassian raked his fingers through his spiked hair, attempting to regain control of the shaky, labored inhalations of his lungs. Function, dammit.
On the floor, Nat raised to her elbows, her lithe body displayed in an enticement he was certain she didn’t intend to offer. Just the result of his libido on overdrive. Didn’t help that her low-cut, red silk Chinese dress fit like a glove. The slits on either side were cut to an indecent height, leaving almost nothing to his imagination about what kind of panties she wore.
Thong…or nothing at all?
Subtle, Matchmaker. Waving a red flag in front a bull? He snorted.
Nat’s long lashes fanned across her cheeks as she lowered them. He opened his mouth to apologize for acting the brute, but her head swept to the left and right. The muscles in her forearms tensed an instant before she sprang to her feet and sprinted toward the open door.
She was fast, but he was faster. He lunged for the door, slamming into the frame a second before she did. Snaring her waist with his arm, he hauled her against his body while kicking the door shut and locking it with his free hand.
She rammed her elbow into his side, stomped her left foot on top of his, and swung back to slug his nose. He blocked her and seized her arms, restricting her movements and any chance of further resistance.
“Dammit, Natalie. Stop.”
“Let me go!” She squirmed and writhed, creating the worst kind of friction as her ass ground against his front. Her bloody pheromone-ridden hair teased his nostrils while she bucked, seeking any weakness in his grip. He locked his arms around her, the constriction plumping her breasts and giving him more than an eyeful of her plush flesh.
Bloody hell, he needed to get laid. Three years of abstinence had been a blessing to him until this very moment, when it f*cked him over.



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