Blog Tour ~ Twins Royale (Royal Gene Series Book 1) by Amari A.

Blog Tour:
Twins Royale
(Royal Gene Series Book 1)

Amari A.

Aug 24th - Aug 31st

Mekhilah and Kiniah enter their first year at Mystic High, the school for Magical Royals. When they get there it's hard for them to make friends because their kingdom isn't as big as the others. Then a girl named Solay comes along and things start to get better for them. But then suddenly things take a turn for the worse when Kiniah is kidnapped and Mekhilah's memory is wiped clean. Mekhilah is forced to piece back together what happened to her and save her sister all at once. Will she be able to do it or is all hope lost for the two princesses?


Amari A is an paranormal writer who loves everything weird. She loves to sing out loud and dance in the rain. She is unique and not afraid to be herself.

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