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Title: Burnout
Author: Brooklyn Taylor
Release Date: Oct 26, 2015
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Easton Hunter has a one track mind. Drag racing. He doesn’t require anything but the rush of adrenaline while on the race track. His nights are full of women and his days are full of racing. Life is going just as he has planned until a tragedy strikes his family. He is left to pick up the pieces abruptly turning his life as he knows it upside down.
Harper Dunn is finally hitting the big time. Everything that she has ever worked for is falling right into place. She is determined to take the world by surprise. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than proving someone wrong that doubted her, especially of the opposite sex. She has never been in love and isn’t planning on it anytime soon. That is until she meets three year old Samantha Hunter.
As competition gets steep not only on the race track but also in their hearts, they have to decide to take the leap of faith or walk away from the best thing either has ever encountered.
Can Easton and Harper resist temptation when it is standing right in front of them?
Especially when they are car to car on the race track?
Can you handle the speed at 300 MPH?
“What was I going to say? Do you remember how I was in bed? Because I am going to be ten times better than that racing! I knew who you were because you are Easton Hunter. Not to feed your already much too large ego, but you’re a bad ass racer.”
“I’m glad you noticed… I am damn good.” Of course he isn’t going to keep his mouth shut. Not the only thing he is good at.
“Why I didn’t tell you about me is simple. Why would I? Would it have mattered?”
“Maybe.” He is starting to move in closer to me and I had to pull my eyes away from him by turning my head. He looked even better close up. Even better than he looked last night in the restaurant, even better than in his race gear, and that was a hard one to beat. I had the sneaky suspicion he looked good in anything. I already knew he looked gorgeous naked.
I burst out laughing. “Give me a break Easton. We were looking for one thing last night and we both got what we wanted. It wouldn’t have mattered who I was.”
He didn’t answer but looked as if he was thinking hard on something.
I waited to see what else he was going to say. He never seemed lost for words.
“I was impressed with your racing today. Maybe you are going to be good enough to race me one day… maybe…” He states.
We were not even two feet away from each other and he moved in close to me. It was the first time I could remember that I didn’t naturally want to step back. On the contrary, I wanted to move closer. I didn’t fight my urge and moved in to him. And then we started to kiss like two horny teenagers that hadn’t kissed before.
We started to kiss and his aggressiveness was turning me on. He wasn’t thinking before any of his actions and I found myself dismissing my warning signs as well. This was not me, but it was a person screaming to get out. Just like last night when we met, and had unbelievable sex, the best sex I’d ever had might I add.
My hands were feeling for him and his just as hungry. The passion off our lips was on fire and we had both thrown caution out the window and then he stopped and pulled back showing he had more restraint than I had. And then he returned to my lips and swooped me up off the ground cradling me as if he was about to take me to his bed. And I was hoping. Except we were outside of my motor coach. And privacy was not something we were going to get.
I tried to pull back and he moved with me.
“Easton, even you said it would be one night… no commitment remember… and?”
“True.” He kept kissing me. “I know you’re trying to pull away from me but you can’t can you?” He asks. He was right, and his confidence started to piss me off.
I pulled back further separating us and aching from the touch that I needed, the itch that needed to be relieved and that I wouldn’t get released today.
“I’ve got to get to bed.” I tell him and he stands up straightening himself in his pants.
“I can come with you…” He tells me. I try to change my expression on my face to lead him to believe that it wasn’t what I was wanting which was the furthest from the truth. Hook me up to the lie detector and watch me fail horribly. I would surely be electrocuted.
“We both know that’s not a good idea” I tell him sternly. I bite my lip to keep from saying what I really wanted to say…
“Do you want to know a secret on how to win on the track Harper?”
I gulp. Is he really going to share information with me? “What?” I buy into his giving me advice.
“Watch me and observe. I’m good, and I bring my A game every day on the track.” He winks at me with a grin that could have melted my panties off me at this very moment.
I currently reside outside of Austin, Texas. I'm a mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field but would rather be spending my time writing! I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies. I started to write at the instinct of "hey maybe I can do that!" and haven't stopped since. I have enjoyed every step of the journey. I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my life worth living!


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