Book Blitz ~ Fall In June by Lucee Lovett

Book Blitz
Fall In June
by Lucee Lovett
Nov 23rd - Nov 30th

Fall In June
It's the start of the day, and the only thing June has to worry about, was where the hell was her bra? What did he say his last name was? Please God don’t let him wake up and find her creeping out. Taking the walk of shame from this frat-boy’s dorm room, hoping no one spots her on the way.

Well, that didn’t happen… Awkward.

As the morning progresses, things, shift from bad to worst. She’s about to lose everything, and if that deep spin wasn’t enough. She decides to play tonsil hockey with her best friend. Leaving herself drowning in a pit of confusion.

Warning – This story sucks – as in, there is plenty of licking and sucking going on, not for the faint hearted. Adult scenes implied then expanded upon. Have fun reading it. Aimed at an 18+ audience only.

Lucee Lovett has only been a published author since January 2013. Her first book was released on the 09/01/2013. She's always loved to write, but only wrote for herself as she didn't have the self-assurance to share her work with others. Although dyslexic, she's never let this stop her from pursuing her dreams, to one day see a book she wrote in print. Seven published books later, she still lacks confidence in her written expressions. However, she has some great friends and family members, who encouraged and supported her to continue taking that plunge into the publishing pool, so she can share her stories with others. A wife and mother by day, aspiring author by night. Lucee lives in London, has a great dog named Blue, and a cat called Simba. Lucee reveals that her stories are her fantasies guised as fiction. And what a brilliant storyteller, she is...

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