Cover Reveal ~ Between Worlds by Tania Cooper & Ricky Cooper

Between Worlds Angel Cover Reveal

Between Worlds  Cover- TC & RC .png

Between Worlds

Book 2: Heaven Scent’s Series

Release Date: March 25, 2016

Between Worlds Angel Synopsis

I believed that Good would always prevail over Evil;
I have been proven wrong.

Leaders rule and all must follow if they’re to protect the ones they love.
One simple act, a means to an end, leads to Albion becoming lost in his own personal hell, driven by the force that is Lucifer.

Evil will find a way to walk amongst the Angels, bringing about a catastrophic event that will see Arianwen lose faith in God, causing her to question her place on the side of Good and whether the only way for her and Albion to finally be together, would be for her to give up her Halo and fall into darkness.

With their immortal worlds on the brink of war, they must decide what side their faith lies on, but, not before they seal their fate together forever.

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