Cover & Excerpt Reveal: Love Lyrics & Lies by L.M. Carr

Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs
Release Date: December 14, 2017


Living modestly in a quiet suburb with her grandmother, Caterina Ryan vows to have no connection with her former life in the spotlight. The door to her past has been locked and the key thrown away. When a home renovation project brings the irresistibly charming and gorgeous Mateo Cruz into her life, she finds herself drawn back to a dark place. A place where dreams were shattered and hearts betrayed. Encouraged to accept a “once in a lifetime” opportunity in the music industry, Mateo seeks to make a name for himself while remaining true to the woman he loves. Their shared love of music brings them closer than ever, but will the temptations of fame and fortune threaten to tear them apart?  





I glance at the clock on the bedside table then turn to grab a pair of lacy boy shorts from the top drawer of my dresser, looking at him in the mirror as I speak. “I have to get to work and we both know what’s going to happen if I walk over to you.” Bending my knee, I slide my leg through one opening when a hand suddenly reaches between my legs and stops me from proceeding. I feel Mateo rise and stand behind me. Our eyes meet in the mirror as he closes the gap between our bodies, pushing his body flush with mine. When he leans forward, his erection strains against his jeans, and I can feel it at the small of my back. Without looking away, Mateo holds my attention as my hair is brushed aside and his lips find my neck. “Beautiful…” I break the connection when my eyes close, giving in to the feel of his proximity. I inhale the scent of his cologne. What feels like a thousand tiny kisses form a path to my chin as his hands slowly move over my towel and massage my breasts. Reaching for the corner of the thick cotton towel, he yanks it down in one swift motion. My eyes open and I stiffen, realizing my nakedness is on full display. “…doesn’t begin to describe you.” The kisses resume while his hands commence on a wandering mission, slowly exploring my flesh. Relishing his touch, I moan quietly and roll my hips. His reflection reveals his warm smile as he moves to nibble on my ear. Gently lifting one before the other, he guides my limp arms to the nape of his neck, allowing my fingers to find the soft tufts of his black hair. Now having full and unrestricted access to my breasts, Mateo rolls my nipples between his thumb and two additional fingers. “Mateo—” I whisper breathlessly as my core screams for attention. “Please.” “Please what, baby?” he asks, meeting my eyes in the mirror. “Touch me.” The longing and desperation in my expression is primal and raw. Pulling away just far enough that I can still feel the heat emanating from his chest, Mateo covers my hands with his as he places them on the edge of my dresser. “Hold on.” Tracing a slow line up my arms until his fingertips reach my shoulders, the contour of my back and waist is caressed. With his firm hands on my hands, he lowers himself so his lips float near my backside. I shiver when I feel his soft tongue lick slowly before placing a chaste kiss. His quiet moans cause my core to buzz with anticipation of having him in me, joining our bodies as one. Light strokes of his tongue mixed with roaming kisses give way to gentle bites. “Turn around,” he orders and I comply immediately without a second to reconsider what I’m doing or what he is doing. Kneeling before me, Mateo gazes up at me. Revealed in his eyes is a starved man, consumed by unadulterated desire. “Open,” he commands with a raspy voice, guiding my legs apart before slowly moving in to taste me. I clench my fingers tightly to prevent them from covering my face and blocking my ears because I want to watch. I want to listen. With each swirl of his tongue against my hot flesh and every pull of my nub with his teeth, we both elicit sounds of pleasure. Adding his fingers to the wonderful combination, Mateo brings me closer to the edge until I fist his dark hair, cry out his name and orgasm. Resting his lips against the smooth skin, he offers a final kiss before standing completely. My eyes flutter open slowly and gaze up at him and notice his glistening mouth. Cradling the back of his head, I lower his face and meet his lips. “More,” I breathe. “I want more.” He groans. “I do too, but I can’t give it to you right now.” Disappointment floods me and I look away only to have my chin pulled back to meet his kiss. “Thank you,” he mumbles against my mouth. I grin. “I think I should be the one saying thank you.” “The pleasure was all mine.” Maintaining eye contact, I slide my hand down his chest and cup his stiffness. “Your turn.”  


One of Five ARC's for Love, Lyrics & Lies

About the Author

L.M. Carr, author of the Giving Trilogy, the Stones Duet, and two sexy stand-alone novels, is a wife, a mom, an educator, a reader and a writer who lives in central Connecticut with her family. When she’s not sitting at her computer writing, she loves to get lost in a good book or spend time with family and friends. After self-publishing the trilogy in 2015, a suspenseful romance tale about Mia Delaney and the sexy, arrogant single father Adam Lawson, L.M. penned the Stones Duet in 2016. This spin-off from the trilogy chronicles the story of Army veteran Shane Davis. Left jaded and cynical after his time in the military, Shane moves to Boston and meets a girl who changes his perception on the world around him. In February 2017, From A Distance was released. An intricate and sexy romance about a motorcycle drag racer and his quest to hide secrets from a woman while the truth unravels before his eyes. Love Lyrics and Lies, an emotional and angst-filled romance about two people who share a love of music but struggle to balance fame and fortune while maintaining a relationship, will release in December 2017. Looking to expand beyond Contemporary Romance, L.M. is working on a new romantic comedy. L.M. Carr is a lover of "Happily Ever Afters" because the world is filled with enough sadness. Reading is an escape in which anything is possible. But like in reality, stories sometimes take you on a journey through Hell before you can reach Heaven.  

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