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Close-up portrait of the smart couple
Get a little taste of Carter and Sophia RIGHT NOW:
“Did you mean it when you said you would do anything to make this right between us?” His voice was a cross between a purr and a growl, it was seductive.
“I did.”
“Well, I know what it is, it’s what I need, what I’ve always needed.”
“What?” Goose bumps trailed along my arms, and a little tremor quivered in my voice.
“I need our one night. I need to know you in every way possible. I’ve needed it for ten years.”
I froze at his words, stopped swaying to the rhythm of the song, and took a step back. Holy fuck. That? Of all the things . . . that is what he asked for? Could I give him that and still walk away, let him be with other women? He deserved someone else. Carter Lang was a good man. He would make an amazing father and an even greater husband . . . for someone, not me.
I glanced up, meeting his eyes again at his use of my real name, no nickname.
“Princess, I need this, I want this. I’ve wanted you, dreamed of you for ten years.” He pulled me back in, holding me flush against him, and his thick hard shaft was rigid and pressing against me, proof that he definitely wanted me. “What do you want?”
That was a loaded question, what did I want? I wanted to be eighteen again and have a different life. I wanted a night with him. I wanted to be a wife, a mom, a lover . . . his lover.
“I want you, one night.” But how could I keep him from seeing? Curling my shoulders forward, I caught myself going into my natural protective mode. It’s what took the focus off my chest and put it more on the rest of my body. It was as close to a ball that I could make myself.
“Soph, look at me. Are you sure?”
I nodded. I could do one night. I walked away once, I could do it again, right?
He bent and lightly nibbled on my ear. “I have a room.”
My body uncurled and extended as shivers raced down my spine and every hair raised. I was on the verge of losing control. I had to remind myself of things that normally came naturally. Breathe in, breathe out, deep breaths. I kept telling myself that I could do this, I could so do this.
Carter’s soft tug on my hand had me following him out of the ballroom and to the bank of elevators. We walked in and the doors closed. Watching as he pressed number seven, then a second later, the doors slid open. The whole way up neither of us said anything, and I spent the time wondering just how horrible and stupid of a decision this was. He opened his hotel room door and held it while I walked under his arm. Before the door slammed shut, his hands were on my hips, and he turned me to face him. This was it, the moment of truth, the failsafe line.
Elegant guy and his wife
About Danielle
Danielle is a Harley riding romance writer. Most days she can be found in jeans, t-shirts, and pearls (she's a lady like that). Danielle writes about men that will open the door for you during the day and throw you against them at night. She loves stories that will make you laugh and fall in love without all of the emotional baggage faced every day in our real lives. And her talent is the ability to tell the difference between a rye, wheat, corn, or potato vodka in just 1 sip, but she prefers a few glasses just to be certain.


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