Release Blitz: A Beautiful Christmas ~ A Pride and Honor Christmas by Ember-Raine Winters

A Beautiful Christmas: 
A Pride & Honor Christmas~Pride & Honor Series Book 5
Ember-Raine Winters

Contemporary Romance

The Pride and Honor crew is back with a novella just for Christmas.

What happens when the women of GTT think the guys are getting bored? A hilarious misunderstanding that all could have been avoided if Griffin had just remembered to get this years, hot new toy for Lance for Christmas instead of waiting until the last minute.

***Also includes an extra bonus story for some extra Christmas cheer***


I may have been freaking out a little more than I should have. My
brother was eyeing me as I combed through the security footage. There
was something in that trunk that no one knew about, and I wanted to
keep it that way.

“What’s this all about, Trey? Is this more than just some stupid kids’
toys we’re looking for here?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

My brother was laughing at me as he said, “You know that your nose
twitches when you lie?”

“What the hell? No it doesn’t, you ass,” I replied and felt my nose
twitch. Griffin busted up laughing even harder, so I punched him in
the arm. “Fine, the toys weren’t the only thing in the trunk, okay?”

“Little brother, you need to tell me what it is we’re looking for.”
I could hear the wariness in his tone, and after everything we’d been
through in the past year and a half, it wasn’t right for me to let him
think it was some new the-world-is-about-to go-to-shit moment. “It’s a
little blue box,” I said almost too soft, then winced at his look of

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Shhh, she’ll hear you!”

“What the fuck were you thinking leaving that in the car?”

“She’s sneakier than Mikey. She would have found it in a hot second.”

Griffin looked at me as though I was dumber than a rock. “Why didn’t
you have one of us hide it for you?”

Aww, shit. Maybe I am, but on second thought…

“Um, I don’t know?” I added sarcastically, “The women around here
can’t keep a secret to save their lives. Letting my girl traipse off
to Somalia doesn’t exactly inspire me to trust them.”

“You gotta let that go, Trey. If they hadn’t, we’d both be dead, and
you know it.” Griffin shook his head at me. “I’m calling Mac and
Twitch. We need everyone on this if we’re gonna get that ring back.”

“No. They will tell their women. I do not want Kenzie finding out. You
know her!”

“As far as anyone knows, we’re looking for the kids’ toys. I won’t
tell them what a monumental idiot you were.”

“That’s so not helpful, bro.”

Ember-Raine Winters lives in sunny California with her two beautiful kids and a wolf. Also known as Apache her pure white Siberian Husky. She loves writing romance and reading just about anything she can get
her hands on. And, football! She loves watching football and going to games. It’s one of her favorite ways to unwind. She dislikes the super-hot temperatures in her city and exercise. She hates to exercise but somehow her sister still gets her to do it every day. She also thinks it’s completely awkward talking about herself in third person.

Ember loves connecting with readers so don’t be afraid to stalk her and drop her a line on social media.

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