Release Blitz: Soulmates 2.5 A Christmas Novella by Sienna Grant

Release Blitz:
Soulmates 2.5
A Christmas Novella
Sienna Grant
Dec 18th


When Taylor met Chris, she never thought their arrangement would turn out to be an all-consuming love.

He’s her one. Her soulmate.

They’ve had their share of ups and downs but their biggest challenge was yet to come.

With the pressure on to plan a wedding and Chris wanting to start a family; will Taylors old insecurities rise back to the surface?



Taylor Kerr and Chris Willows have an easy, laid back, no strings attached, friends with benefits arrangement, but what happens when someone wants more and those lines become blurred.

Chris has loved Taylor for a while, but to protect herself, she's pushed aside his feelings for her.

Taylor is a witty, independent and feisty party girl, but doesn't think she's capable of loving anyone. Can Chris, the sexy fire fighter, ignite a fire in her heart and persuade her to give him the chance that he's been fighting for.

Maybe when Taylor finds herself, she'll find Chris; her soulmate.


(Soulmates #2)


I'm Adam Willows, I'm a joker and a self confessed player. I liked the idea of galavanting around and not being tied down...until her; Darcy Ambrose.

Her understated beauty, dirty overalls and smart mouth make her stand out from the rest and changed my whole perspective.

He's cocky, arrogant and strolls into my garage with way too much confidence.

With my Dad's depression and a sinking business: I have enough complications in my life without adding another one.

I should stay well away from him....I need to focus, but something tells me Adam Willows isn't going to let me.

Can Adam and Darcy get past the hurdles that are thrown into their paths and find their forever?

Sienna Grant is a 39 year old romance writer. She's married to her soulmate and is a mother to 3 children, two of which are all grown up.

When she's not being a mother and wife, she loves to write and make up her own world but still loves a hint of realism.


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