COVER REVEAL- Beck and Call by Kimberly Carrillo

Title: Beck and Call
Author: Kimberly Carrillo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kelsey Keeton, K Keeton Designs
Release Date: February 28, 2020


Evie Holmes needs a new life…

Struggling to make ends meet and fearing each day will bring a new catastrophe she’ll have to face alone. All she wants is to be able to finally use her degree to obtain a life free from poverty.

Beckett Anderson needs to control his world…

He has power, respect and a multi-billion-dollar empire, yet something is missing. Now, the man who has everything needs one last thing: someone to share it all with. Can he find someone willing to commit to a man who’s unable to love?

A chance encounter and an impromptu business proposal could be the solution they are both looking for, until two pink lines destroy their illusion of control…

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He let go of my chin, grasped my hips, and spun me around to look out the window. “You agreed to be available and obedient. Last night you were neither of those things.”
“Beckett, I thought we were going to make up, not rehash this argument. I agreed to work for you and I’ll try and be available, but I don’t recall agreeing to be obedient.”
“Well, we’re going to have to renegotiate then, because I very much insist on both of those things.” 

Author Bio

Kimberly Carrillo is a storyteller from the Pacific Northwest, currently living in a small town with her teenage son and a house full of pets. The author of the romantic suspense Destroy Series, and other books, Kimberly writes tales of beautiful, messy love. When she isn’t reading or out supporting her son at sports events she can be found moving a cat off her keyboard so she can help the heroine find the love that she deserves.

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