Mountains Loved by Phoebe Alexander

Series: Mountains; Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Time doesn't heal all wounds ... LOVE does.

Dr. Sarah Lynde and Lt. James McAllister are together at last, but it seems their mountain climbing days have just begun. Making decisions about their family and whether their relationship will be open or closed puts strain on the couple, while old demons and mounting grief threaten to tear them apart completely.

Is their relationship as rock solid as they thought, or will it crumble into the sea?

Authors' Note: Intended for readers 18+. Another version of this book was previously published under the same title. This edition has been rewritten and edited. The first three Mountains Series books must be read in order, as it is James and Sarah's continuing saga. The subsequent books in the Mountains Series function as standalones.

Cover Designer: Wolfsparrow Covers
Publisher: Mountains Wanted Publishing


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