Review Tour: THEIR FIRST LADY by Lucia Black

Release Date: July 3

Tessa—I was promised to him. For eight years he let me be, but now he’s come to collect.
Calvin James owns me, even if we’ve never met.
He’s the Mayor of New York City, but soon, he’ll be the President of the United States.
Because of my father.
They made a deal.
He gets to be president . . . and I’ll be his First Lady.

Then I met Preston.

Calvin—I made a deal with the Don. I took his daughter in exchange for his help.
It was supposed to be a simple transaction.
Then I met her. Tessa Moretti. The woman I would call my wife.
She was everything I didn’t plan for.
Everything I didn’t know I wanted. Needed.
But she’s hiding something from me. I can tell.

I just never expected it to be my best friend.

Preston—I was consigned to my life as a senator. I was willing to become Vice President because my best friend asked me.
Then Tessa Moretti bumped into me.
I didn’t know she was supposed to be his.
I never realized the girl I was falling for could never be mine.
I chased her. I claimed her. But when I learned the truth . . . I couldn’t give her up.
I love my best friend, but I love his wife more.
The world will know her as his First Lady.
But in the bedroom, she’ll be ours.

**THEIR FIRST LADY is the completed series in one set. This series is a MFM mafia-political menage romance.**

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Meet Lucia Black

Lucia Black is the contemporary pen name for a fantasy author that avoids social media like the plague and loves tacos. 

As an author of unconventional romance, she loves exploring the many ways a girl can fall in love. If you want to keep up with her books, give her a follow here on Amazon.

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Wow!! This book was hot!! And I wouldn’t even be mad if I was promised to a man if he was like Cal and came with a side of Preston.


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