*Release Day Blitz* Destined • Perri Forrest

Tessa DeCarlo is a career woman, and a devoted wife. 
Her work life is good—fulfilling, even. However, she can’t say the same about her 
marriage.  But Tessa loves her husband, and she is determined to make their union 
work. She overlooks their lackluster sex life, as well as his disinterest in doing ‘couple 
stuff’. It’s what she signed on for, after all. For better or worse, right? 
But, when Tessa is hit with the ultimate betrayal just days before her class reunion, 
maintaining loyalty inside of a failing marriage is the last thing on her mind.  
Despite what she has gone through, and rather than wallow in self-pity, Tessa decides 
to attend the event. She has no idea what to expect from the evening, its sole purpose 
is meant to serve as a getaway. But, when she encounters August, a former college 
classmate, sparks fly.
But not for long . . . 
There will be twists, turns, and added cast members to bring this story to life. Will Tessa 
return to her marriage and try to make it work? Will she decide on a road untraveled? 
Or, will she choose to be alone?
Monday was its usual gloom day. Everybody, including Tessa, roamed the office in a 
zombie-like state. Some walked in with cups from Starbucks, while others crowded the break 
room area waiting for the company-provided gourmet to brew. 
A pick-me-up was definitely in order. It was like The Walking Dead. Whoever said that 
Monday should be anything but a day in name, only? Hell, would Tuesday be even better? She 
chuckled to herself.
Getting into the groove of things was even more difficult than Tessa thought it would be. 
She wanted to forget. She wanted to be whole again. She wanted to be strong again. She wanted 
a do-over—one that didn’t include leaving without at least saying goodbye to August. 
Regardless of how the evening ended, he had been the boost that she needed. Many people 
would probably think her behavior was whorish, but in her mind it was very much needed, and 
she felt well within her rights.
It wasn’t everyday that a woman entered her own home and caught her husband in the 
process of making passionate love to another woman. Not just fucking her…making love to her. 
Their act gave a whole new meaning to the term, Hump Day.
After last Wednesday’s fiasco, Tessa had decided to telecommute so that she could deal with 
the aftermath of Charles’ indiscretions in solitude, and away from the hustle and bustle of the 
office. Now she was back after having been off for four days.
But additional drama still found a way in. 
First there were the police who showed up because someone had called to say they heard 
commotion from inside hers and Charles’s home. Tessa smiled to herself, thinking back to the 
incident. The memory of Charles lying on the ground whimpering like a little bitch brought her 
pure satisfaction. 
She had every intention of going to her reunion and leaving him lying on the floor to fend 
for himself. 
But that wasn’t to be. When the police arrived at the door, and Tessa allowed them in, she 
quickly sprung into action: “Oh, thank you! I’m so happy you showed up when you did! My 
husband took a rough tumble down the last few stairs, and I’ve been unable to move him!”
The officers had given her a side eye glance when they saw how calm she was, but it didn’t 
bother Tessa one bit. She was willing to let the chips fall where they may. Charles wasn’t ready 
to pay out of his ass for alimony. Not to mention legal fees that Tessa would be entitled to, so he 
knew better than to spin things any way but in her favor. 
Besides, he wouldn’t have been on the floor howling like a wounded animal if it weren’t for 
his own actions.
“Is that what happened, sir?” they’d asked him, while helping him to his feet and leading 
him to the sofa, while summoning the paramedics inside. Charles had glared at Tessa before he 
answered the cops’ question. “Yes…sir. We’d…ahhh!” he’d yelled out in pain, trying to get his 
words to form. “We’d been arguing, and I was trying to follow my wife down the stairs as she 
was walking away—”
“Take your time, sir,” the cop had said sympathetically.
“…I somehow lost my footing toward the end,” he slowly continued. 
Tessa had neither breathed a sigh of relief, nor felt any sort of gratitude toward him for 
keeping her out of the back of a squad car. She didn’t care. She enjoyed seeing him in pain. 
Whatever was broken or fractured wasn’t nearly enough. It was never a part of any of her 
plans to call anybody to come help his ass, so he should have thanked his lucky stars for nosey 
ass neighbors. Or…who knows, maybe his bitch called on his behalf, she had thought at the time. 
It didn’t matter. It had been the least of Tessa’s concerns. Her sole focus had been getting 
her things packed up so that she could get to her reunion, unwind, relax, and enjoy. 
When the police had finally left and Charles had taken his ride in the ambulance to ensure 
that he wasn’t broken, as well as bruised, Tessa hadn’t missed a beat. They even had the nerve to 
ask if she wanted to accompany Charles to the hospital. It took everything in her to say, “Hell 
fucking no!” but instead she politely declined with a lie: “I’m going to take my own car and meet 
him there, and that way we won’t have to wait around for a ride home.” 
Once the entourage was out of her driveway, Tessa settled in to clean and come down from 
the fuckery. 
When Charles called later that evening to try talking to her, she had already placed a pre-
recorded message on their answering machine advising him that he needed to come with a police 
escort if he was to retrieve his belongings and that he had forty-eight hours to do it, whether he 
was of sound body or not. Otherwise, they’d be taken to the nearest homeless shelter.
Thursday was a last minute decision to take a personal day, and Friday had already been 
scheduled in preparation for the reunion. 
“Ahh,” she sighed, arriving back to the present. And then comes Monday.
Tessa closed her eyes momentarily. She desperately needed her double shot of espresso to 
rush in and save the day, and bring a double boost of energy with it. While she waited for a 
miracle, she thought back to August, his dark features, his beautiful physique, and his mastery in 
the art of lovemaking. 
With the memory, came a sensation between her thighs that travelled upward.
The romance of the evening was embedded in her mind, and heart. And although she would 
never admit it to anyone, he was all she had thought of since she left his hotel room. She felt 
remorseful for ignoring him when he called out to her, but it was too late to turn back, so all she 
could do was follow through with her escape. 
She wondered where he was, what he thought of her—or if he thought of her.
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Born in the country, raised in the Sunshine! Leo the Lioness. Fiercely Loyal. Confident. Outspoken. Attracted to intellect. Addicted to knowledge. My pen and paper consummated when I was pre-teen, and birthed my first journal, and an undying love of writing. Journaling comforted me through tumultuous times over the years, so transitioning that into writing for an audience, was a natural process. My stories are romantic, with a touch of erotica. As a romantic at heart, I prefer to bring the romance to the forefront, as I am intrigued by the concept of “sex as a language” – an art that if spoken fluently, can be mastered beautifully. I love the full body experience of mind, body, and soul. I enjoy breathing those scenarios into my character’s liaisons, and watching them build from there.
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