Review • The Design by RS Grey

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✫•°*”˜”*°•.✫The Design • RS Grey✫•°*”˜”*°•.✫

4 Stars

This was a witty, fun and sexy book. Enjoyable read and I'd recommend it!

Cammie Heart has just finished college to become an architect. Her dream is to go to Paris and live but she needs the money to do so. Grayson Cole is the owner of prestigious architecture firm; he interviews Cammie for a position within his firm and offers her a job. 
Grayson and Cammie have known each other for years through Cammie's sister Brooklyn but didn't have much contact with each other. Cammie has always had a secret crush on Grayson and she is surprised to find out that he feels the same way when he admits it at the end of the interview. 

This is the start of a great book! I enjoyed reading this quick and witty book. It was well written and made me chuckle often. I adored Cammie and wanted Grayson for myself. Her pursuit of Grayson was quite funny and showed just how determined she was. 

Cammie is torn throughout the whole story about going to Paris even though she is falling in love with Grayson but when she finds out information about herself by reading Grayson's emails you start to think there won't be a happily ever after! 


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