*Release Day Blitz* Remember Tonight by Chelsea Landon

Title: Remember Tonight
Author: Chelsea Landon
Release Date: March 13, 2015
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The summer Alanna Rodger turned eighteen, she thought it would be just like the rest of the summers spent on her parent’s farm in Amarillo Texas. That was until champion bull rider Callan James returned home.
Everyone in town knows about the James’ boys and why they disappeared four years ago.
Everyone but Alanna.
She’s warned to keep her distance but there’s something about Callan’s allure that has her wanting a closer look to unravel all of the reasons that he left — ensuring he stays long after his eight seconds in this town are up.
And when he finally does leave town, she knows exactly where to find him.
There’s nothing that can stop her from wanting him… even the four year age difference won’t prevent her from pursuing him. When Callan can’t get past the age difference, he does everything within his power to show her just how dangerous his lifestyle is.
Can she break through his rough exterior?

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He’s smiling as he looks down at his buckle. A slow blush creeps over my cheeks. I roll my eyes, smiling myself, but looking out at the dry land.
“You aren’t coming back here again, are you?” I ask propping myself up on my elbows. “Will you remember me?
“I’ll remember tonight…” then he shrugs his defined shoulders flexing, “Well, last night I guess, huh?”
I suppose he would remember. We had spent all night out here and had sex three more times. Nothing would ever compare to what I feel right now. Not even knowing he’s leaving. I will always feel this. He was right.
I know he needs to get going, but I see it in the way he’s moving slower, he’s confused and he doesn’t want to leave. He kept telling me to feel all night, but he felt it too. He knows there is something more happening between us. He looks at me. “How’d you do this to me in a week?”
“Once you get around those buckle bunnies you’ll forget.” I tease, winking at him. I’m not looking for him to say anything. He doesn’t have to. I know when he leaves me, this life I’ve always had will remain. And his will too. Something tells me he lives a wild life on the road and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m certainly not going to judge him.
“You’re better than that,” he says to me, watching my face fall. He knows so much that I don’t ever have to say and don’t need to. “Don’t let them touch you like that. Don’t let them take something that’s not theirs. You give, you don’t take.”
“Unless it’s a bull you’re riding. Then you take?” I’m teasing again wanting to draw the conversation from me.
“Baby,” he grins pulling his shirt over his shoulders. “Nothing’s the same when you’re on a bull. A beast decides your fate.”

A stay-at-home mom, Chelsea spends her days drinking entirely too much caffeine, baking sugar-sweet treats she never eats, playing on Pinterest, and jotting down notes for her novels. A dreamer at heart, she’s been creating happily-ever-afters. She’s a lover, a writer, a dreamer, would rather type than speak, wants to remember everything, loves lots of ice in her drinks, and is slightly introverted.


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