*Cover Reveal* Torn by Ericka Santana

After succumbing to a night of pure enthrallment, with the beautiful, aspiring model Skylar Parker, young entrepreneur Jean Carlo DePandi, realizes he could never get enough of her. His need for control dominates his life, and he’s not afraid to cross boundaries to keep her protected from his troubled past.

    The one nightstand clashes with Skylar long-buried desire for the driven and dazzling entrepreneur Jean Carlo DePandi. She hoped one passionate night would be enough to get him out of her system. She was wrong and when he proposes a new relationship, Sky cannot resist. They start a sensual and alluring affair and Sky learns more about her driving and demanding gorgeous Italian lovers past.

  While JC moves sea, and land to prevent Sky from learning about the secret of his mother that he is sure will shatter the heart. Sky struggles to make the most important decision of her life as she envy’s an important woman in JC’s life. Destined to be together, yet seemingly impossible, JC is determined to fight his inner demons and the world itself if it’s needed to keep her.


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