Blog Review - Choosing Forever by Mia Kayla

Choosing Forever: Book 2 in the 

Torn Duet

by Mia Kayla 


Book 2 of The Torn Duet

Life is made up of choices. 
Single choices like bricks laid out in a path. A path that leads to your future. 

At twenty four years old, I would have never guessed I would be stuck between two men—two men from opposite spectrums of the universe.
Their lives, their worlds, their demeanor is as different as the darkest of nights and the lightest of days.

I love them both, but I have to choose.
There is only one choice I can make.
And I choose forever.

Book 2 in The Torn Duet.
*Due to descriptive sexual situations and mature themes, this novel is not intended for readers under the age of 18.*

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Choosing Forever by Mia Kayla is the second book in The Torn Duet. Josh, Sam and Hawke have this relationship that most would not understand. This book took addiction, love and heartbreak to a whole new level. I went through a whole gauntlet of emotions with this book and I am so happy I was able to see Sam, Josh and Hawke find out who they truly were and what they wanted out of their lives. 4.5 stars


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