Blog Review ~ Cold Hearted by Winter Renshaw

Cold Hearted
by Winter Renshaw

I wish I could say our meeting was happenstance.
I wish I could say we took one look and we just knew.
I wish I could say falling for him was the best thing that ever happened to me.
But none of that would be true.
Rhett Carson was as cold as the ice on which he skated. He was as calloused as the hands that shot the goals that won world titles. He was also damaged. And broken. And he didn’t know it, but I knew all about him.
I knew why he was so bitter and angry.
I knew why he was so coldhearted.
But I didn’t know why I allowed myself fall in love with him, and I didn’t know why I couldn’t stop…even when he told me to.
And that’s when everything changed.

Available on Kindle Unlimited 

Secrets….Secrets and more secrets

What would you do if you met “the one”…..but there was this teensy tiny secret that you just can’t share???

Ayla meets Rhett under circumstances that were beyond her control. She fell…..hard… first sight basically. But….there’s one thing that she hasn’t told Rhett that would impact their budding relationship. She wants to tell him but she knows that once she reveals her secret, Rhett will look at her in a different light.

This was my first read from Ms. Renshaw and it will not be my last. As I started reading, I felt as if I was there with Ayla and Rhett, a fly on the wall if you will. 


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