Blog Review ~ Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

Single Dad. Second Chances. Meet Mack in the newest STANDALONE novel from New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Ward. 
They called him Mack Daddy. No, seriously, his name was Mack. Short for Mackenzie. Thus, the nickname. Perfect, right?

So was he: perfect. The perfect physical male specimen.

At the private school where I taught, Mack Morrison was the only man around in a sea of women. Everyone wanted a piece of the hot, single father of the sweet little boy.

I became a woman I didn't recognize, someone riddled with jealousy, because they didn't know that--to me--he was much more.

They didn't know about our past.

He'd chosen my school for his son on purpose, because Mack and I, we had unfinished business.

As my friend, Lorelai, so eloquently put it: "Unfinished business between two people who are clearly attracted to each other is like an eternal case of blue balls." And I was suffering in pain from my case.

was still intensely attracted to Mack. I tried to resist him, immersing myself further into a relationship with someone else just to protect my heart.

Not to mention, getting involved with a parent was strictly against school rules. But seeing Mack day in and day out was breaking me down.

And soon I might be breaking all the rules.

Author's note - Told in alternating points of view, Mack Daddy is a full-length standalone novel.

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Penelope Ward went and did it again. She wrote an amazing book. Though, i'm not surprised, I don't think this woman could write a bad book if she tried.

I absolutely loved this book. I loved that it was full of angst and drama. I love that it was full of heat and heart warming moments. That it was a book of second-chance love and it was done perfectly. This book was full of some of my most favorite troupes. Second-Chance romance, College romance, and Single Dad.

The Book is about Frankie, a teacher at a Catholic School in Boston, and Mack, The boy she was in love with in college. Mack ended up breaking Frankie's heart and leaving her in Boston while he moved back to Virginia to father his child, though all he really wanted was Frankie. Wanted to be with her. But after almost a decade apart, they reunite when Mack brings his son to school where Frankie is teaching, reuniting them.
When Mack left Frankie behind in Boston, they weren't together as a couple, hadn't even been physical with each other. They were two complete opposites. She was "nerdy" and "Geeky" with the thick glasses and and eccentric outfits, and he was from a wealthy background. His father being in politics, but as always, opposites attract. They form a tight bond from day one. Even after their amazingly awkward first encounter.
Skip ahead a few years, and they're now adults. Mack a dad fresh from a breakup with his long time girlfriend and mother of his son, and Frankie, a School teacher in a relationship with someone else, they come barreling into each others life again. Mack determined to get the girl he fell in love with all those years ago.

As I say in pretty much all of my reviews, I'm horrible at writing these. I ramble and my thoughts get discombobulated and typed out in a jumbled ADD riddled mess. But what I am good at is recommending books. Great books that you love and want more of. That's what this is. That's what Penelope writes. Books that people love and want and can't put down. I give this 5 heart warming stars  


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