Blog Review ~ Sexy Bad Neighbor by Misti Murphy

Sexy Bad Neighbor (Sexy Bad Series Book 1) by Misti Murphy


What happens when your neighbor hires you a stripper? 

It starts one hell of a prank war. A war that involves goats, phallic chandeliers, stolen kisses in the rain, strawgasms, and eating out on the kitchen counter. 

A war that could damn well involve two hearts and a plan. Her plan doesn’t involve falling in love. His life doesn’t involve plans.

This could be a problem.

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Chloe and Paynter was the most fun couple I have had the privilege of reading lately. They both had this aura of having their own demons to overcome but when they were together, those demons fell away leaving them open to everything.
This is one of those books that will have you laughing and cheering each of them on throughout it.


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