Blog Review ~ Time's Up! by Vicki Green

Time's Up!
by Vicki Green

You've run out of time

What happens when your wealthy, pretentious Italian parents create a contract for you when you turned twenty-one and now a few years later you realize you only have nine months left to fulfill it.

The terms: 
Must be married and pregnant by the age of twenty-five.

The catch:
It has to be true love.

All stipulated in the contract.

The problem:
Rica has no boyfriend.
She’s not easy.
She'll be twenty-five in nine months.

What’s NOT in the contract:
Her parents forgot to mention he must be Italian. 

Well, at least there’s a little hope. Very little hope.

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Time's Up! by Vicki Green was this off the charts hilarious story about Rica and her eccentric italian parents who have a contract made up for her that she must find love, marriage and a baby all before her 25th b-day. Too bad she cannot find a man that sets her parts on fire...that is until Luke. Luke is far from italian and has tons of secrets but keeps running into Rica. They form a friendship and an unlikely relationship blooms when Luke overhears Rica talking about the contract. What happens after this is a hilarious but well written story about how true love finds its way even when the bloodlines aren't the same.  


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