Blog Review ~ Extra Innings by Michelle Lynn

Michelle Lynn

I’m the crazy fun one. 
Pedal to the floor, balls to the wall, party all weekend guy. 
The guy everybody calls for laughs and a good time.
And I always deliver. 

So, when Ainsley Winslow and I made a pact for a summer fling, I was all in. 
What hot-blooded college male doesn’t jump at the chance for a no strings attached relationship? Not this one.

Then summer drew to a close, and I found myself wanting time to move slower. Ainsley Winslow is a girl of her word. When fall inevitably came, she vanished.

She no longer answered my calls, my texts or my knocks on her door. After the silence continued, I questioned what I was doing and who had I become. I am Braxton Brentwood…this isn’t me. Time to move on and get the party started again. And I did. 

Until our paths crossed again, and I remembered what we had. She wasn’t getting away a second time because our game just went into Extra Innings.

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I first met Brax and Ainsley in Rounding Third and now they have their own book which I think they stole home from Crosby and Ella. It was a well paced book with enough backstory not to keep you confused but not so much that you are bored. Brax is the go-to guy, the life of the party. Ainsley is the responsible one, the person who her younger brother relies on. But when the two are together, it seems like the rest of the world fades away for them. They were perfect together. It was a fun read and I enjoyed every bit of it. 


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