Blog Review ~ No Place Like Home - Love in Seattle by Christina Butrum

No Place Like Home - Love in Seattle
Christina Butrum

Janelle Harper has a promising career as a journalist at the Cincinnati Enquirer – writing articles about baking as she dreams of one day owning a bakery of her own.
More than an opportunity awaits when she agrees to fill in at Harper’s CafĂ© in Seattle while her parents are away on vacation. 
Not only is she faced with the need to forgive Colin Davis, an enemy from college, but she has to decide how much her dream means to her. 
Will her love of baking make her stay in Seattle or will it take something more?

Available through Kindle Unlimited

No Place Like Home was a sweet read about a young woman who comes back home to run her parents coffee shop and realizes things aren't always better when you leave home. When she runs into old college enemy Colin, she is instantly taken with him and they begin a flirtation. They have this pull with one another that made the chemistry that much better between the two.
The story was slower paced than what I am used to, but it was a sweet read with plenty of detail and not alot of heat.  


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