Blog Review ~ Gangster by Sapphire Knight

Sapphire Knight

They call him the Joker, but he doesn't joke.
He doesn't even smile- until her. 
She's independent, stubborn, strong and she won't be one of his toys. 
He's not like other men; he takes what he wants and he wants her. 
There are whispers he's a gangster...that his family has ties to the Italian Mafia. 
No one dares to cross him until a hit is put out on his newest obsession. 
What they don't know is just how crazy he really is when it comes to her. 
He'll do anything- even go to war.
*Complete standalone, HEA, NO cheating, available on all platforms*

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Hot, possessive, and a bad boy. He gets what he wants and doesn't take no for an answer. His courting of Grace is unique yet beautiful and shows his determination to bring her fully into his life.
She plays a hard @$$, tough girl, but I feel that there's something in her that makes her want to be coddled a bit. Almost as if she doesn't get enough affection, which all changes as soon as Thaddeus comes into the picture because he's ready to give her exactly what she needs.
Grace and Thaddeus as a couple works like a gear and oil, one shouldn't be used without the other. He shows her a world she never thought she would fit into, but does like a puzzle piece.
I truly love this couple and highly recommended the read. I could feel the passion pouring from the pages.


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