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Title: Drive Me Crazy
Author: Ash Hosking
Release Date: April 27th 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Love finds you when you’re least expecting…

Kara has been stung by cocky, gorgeous men and learnt to avoid them at all costs.
She has a tight hold on the reigns of everything in her life, relationships and emotions included. Until Alex comes along.

He’s the embodiment of everything she hates in a man, yet he stirs up feelings stronger than she’s ever felt before and despite her best efforts, he’s breaching her defenses faster than she can build them.

What do you do when love finds you while you’re determined to lock your heart away?

Alex has perfected his act of a carefree, happy-go- lucky guy, but he’s carrying secrets and emotional wounds that are festering and his reason to keep his battered heart under lock and key. He has a ready supply of willing women to entertain him and can pick them up with very little effort on his part, until Kara.

Now he’s getting rejected at every turn by a stubborn woman he can’t get out of his head and will do anything to have in his bed.

Two people caught in the past and hell bent on living the rest of their lives without love.

One love that won’t be ignored.

One agreement they think will be easy, but is anything but.

Drive Me Crazy
Text Copyright © 2017 Ash Hosking
All Rights Reserved


I KNEW ALEX would be trouble for me the moment I laid eyes on him—before he even opened his mouth. It wasn’t the ink covering his arms and his bad boy demeanor, nor the fact that he was the embodiment of everything I hated in the male species. It was because he stirred something in me I’ve never felt before. Not even with Nate, the guy I had given everything I had until he tore my heart out.

I feel my blood heat as it rushes through my body, and my heart gives a weird lurch as my pelvic muscles clench. I casually lean against the counter so I can cross my legs to try to alleviate the tension between them. And that’s all before he turns his attention to me. Those jade green eyes lock onto mine, and I watch as they slowly lower to peruse my body before making their way back to meet my gaze. He smiles a grin I’ve seen too many times on too many handsome, cocky faces to count. It’s a grin that says he’s making plans to get to know my body a whole lot better, minus clothing, and that he’s assured I’ll love every second of it.

Too bad he doesn’t know that smirk and gleam in his eyes is an instant libido killer for me. I’ve been there, done that, got the shirt to prove it, and once is enough for me.

Unlike some girls, I learn from my mistakes.

Ash Hosking
Ash Hosking is an admitted daydreamer and hopeless romantic with a dirty mind from the Gold Coast, Australia. She lives with her husband and adorable fur baby, Prim, who loves to snuggle on Ash’s lap to keep her from getting anything done. When not at her day job in catering, she can usually be found either working on her next book or reading, including on her lunch breaks. She enjoys warm days at the beach, is addicted to Zarraffa’s mocha fusions and can never say no to a Tim Tam.

Instagram: ash.hosking


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