Release Day Blitz - Coming Home (California Dreaming #4) by Stacey Johnston

Title: Coming Home (California Dreaming Book 4)
Author: Stacey Johnston
Genre: Romantic Suspense

The day Peyton Jessop walked into my life I was six years old. 
I’d spent that whole summer wondering if anyone would ever move into the creepy old Barkley house next door to me. Just before school started I watched as a van pulled up, and a browned hair little girl clutching a stuffed bear climbed out. 
Peyton was feisty and fun to be around, but her life at home was troubled. 
That brown haired girl weaved her way into my heart. She was supposed to be my ever after. 
Well ……. that was the plan until her mother died, and her father ripped her away from me. 

“Seriously dude,” a disgruntled Kyle utters. “Do you have to fuck her up here? You know you have a bedroom, right?” he grunts as he walks by. “I’d hurry the fuck up if I were you before Sophie catches you,” he yells, chuckling to himself and continuing along the corridor. “That girl is on the war path. You know Sean and Hadley will be here any moment, right?”

“Maybe we should finish this in your room, Luke,” the pretty blonde I have pinned between me and the wall breathlessly suggests. 

With her back against the wall and her skirt hitched up around her waist, there’s a beautiful rosy blush coloring her face, highlighting her features. I’m guessing her crimson glow is a combination of excitement from what I’m doing to her and embarrassment from being caught by Kyle. Taking in her delicate features, I won’t deny she’s gorgeous. I know the right thing to do would have been to take her back to my room, even if it was for nothing more than the sake of her dignity. 

Right now, though, I’m so fucking close, and I don’t care if Sophie catches me. It’s not like she hasn’t seen my naked ass before. My regret only lasts a moment as I simply have one thought on my mind and that’s to find my release. This girl, whose dark brown eyes you could drown in, and those plump lips you just want to sink your teeth into, deserves more than a quick fuck. Unfortunately for Evie here, I’m not the kind of guy who can offer her sweet nothings or a happily ever after. She knew the score before she agreed to come over. 

“Don’t worry, babe; I’m nearly done,” I callously reply. “Wrap both those legs of yours around my waist and let me get lost in that warmth.” 

Predictably, even when she should have been telling me to fuck off, I hear nothing but soft moans and those long legs of hers find their way around my waist. My cock buries itself deeper, enticing louder moans to spill from her lips. Every uttered breath only encourages me to fuck her harder and deeper. It’s then I lose myself, and the usual signs of my release start to build in my balls, tightening as my pleasure begins its descent. It’s that moment of peacefulness where nothing else matters that I crave, and everything around me becomes a blur. Just as I reach that point of no return, Sophie’s voice bellows, bursting through my moment of bliss in an effort to destroy my momentum. My release though, well that has a mind of its own and is already withdrawing from my body into the waiting condom, buried deep inside my little blonde friend. 

“WHAT THE FUCK, LUKE?” she screams at me. 

Yep, that’s going to put me on Soph’s shit list once again.

Stacey Johnston resides in one of the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia with her husband, four children and a lovable Alaskan malamute called Storm. Her days are spent working as a fulltime mum and office manager. Somewhere in between she finds time to co – own The Books and Boys Book Blog and B&B Promotions. Her hope is that other readers love her characters as much as she does. Stacey’s wish is that they are caught up in their stories, experiencing their joy and pain just as she has over the years.


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