Cover Reveal for Meet Me in Room 108 by Nikki Sparxx

Title: Meet Me in Room 108
Author: Nikki Sparxx
Release Date: September 8th, 2017
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance

Bachelor millionaire Braden Thomas never thought one little business card would change his life.
The Platinum. One night will make your dreams come true. Meet Me in Room 108. Midnight. Anything goes. XOXO Sabrina 314-447-9865
The mysterious invitation is too hard for Braden to resist. Once he steps through the doors, he's thrust into a world he never knew existed; a world of sex, secrets, and intrigue beyond his wildest dreams. 
Sabrina is a whore for hire, forced to have sex with anyone who pays the price for Room 108. None of her clients gave her a second glance ... until Braden.
The more nights Braden and Sabrina spend together, the more he wants. But what he doesn't know is Sabrina's secrets may cost him more than his money can buy.

18+ due to detailed sexual situations and mature themes

I felt Braden’s weight as he collapsed next to me on the bed. I languidly opened my eyes and gazed at the sight before me – Braden’s naked body, immaculate and slick with sweat: his chest heaving with ragged breaths from fucking me senseless. He was the most spectacular thing I’d ever seen.
He turned his head toward me and smiled. “Was it worth the wait, princess?”
“It was more than worth the wait,” I giggled, still high on my climax.
Braden chuckled huskily, “I’m glad that I exceeded your expectations.”
Our eyes met as our laughter subsided. A small smile stayed on Braden’s lips as he brushed his knuckles down my cheek. “You were everything I thought you’d be and more, baby.”
My cheeks flushed with heat and my stomach somersaulted.

Don’t fall for this man. He is a client, nothing more.

Lover of angst, drama, and happily ever afters, Nikki Sparxx is the bestselling author of The Scar Series, and The Elemental Prophecy Series. When she’s not writing, Nikki enjoys reading, play Texas Hold ‘Em poker, and spending time with her real life book boyfriend, Landon.


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