Book Blitz with Review: Bet On It by Elizabeth Perry


Book Blitz: Bet On It
by Elizabeth Perry

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Sliding Home, Book One

He has one month to seal the deal.

She was only supposed to be a bet.

The Carolina Rays baseball team is knows for their endless partying, and their owner? Is sick and tired of it.

The solution comes in the form of a ball busting blond, who is determined to put an end to their partying ways.

She is cracking the whip, and changing the game.

Laci Monroe

She has been waiting for her big break, and now? She has it. In the form of a high paying job managing the media accounts of a major league baseball team.

Except, this job is not what she signed up for.

Her contract is signed in ink, even the part barring her from having any sexual relations with any member of the team.

But for her, that's the easy part.

Because she has completely sworn off professional baseball players, vowing to never get mixed up with one.

Jake Matthews

Is a stud on the baseball field, and an even bigger stud in the bedroom. He can have any woman that he wants, any time that he wants her. Of course he would choose to be the man for the job.

What woman wouldn't want to sleep with him?

Getting Laci into his bed should be the easiest thing that he's ever done.

The Bet

Thirty days. That's all the time that Jake has to get Laci into his bed. Jake is planning on sealing the deal in less than a week.

Except, what he didn't plan on, was seeing the woman underneath the tough as nails exterior. Or the feelings that came with it.

He didn't expect to fall for her ...

Nowhere in the plan did Jake expect that Laci might just be everything that he never even knew that he wanted. The team is banking on him to get rid of her, but all he wants is to keep her forever.

The only problem is, Laci wants nothing to do with him in that way. 

Can he convince her to give him a chance? And if she decides to let him in, can he keep her from finding out the truth?

About the Author

Elizabeth Perry is a Cleveland, Ohio native who now resides in a small town surrounded by the lake in Michigan. Her free time is taken up shuffling her four children all over God's green earth, which she complains about way more than she should, but wouldn't change for the world.

She is happily married to a man that gives her great writing material all the time.

By day, she is an emergency room nurse, and by night, she is an avid reader of all things romance and of course, writer of her own romance and happily ever after stories.

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Oh I just love baseball romance books so when I saw this one I grabbed it! I was not disappointed in the least!

Jake is the super sexy, hotheaded, and a secret romantic. I just loved his character and the way he fell for Laci and claimed her from the get go.

Laci was super independent and was totally against falling in love with a sports star. The way she handled the “pranks” that were pointed her way was better than I ever could have done!! Haha I loved that she gave Jake a run for his money yet fell hopelessly in love with him.

I loved the whole storyline. It was very well written and made me want to keep reading. I can’t wait for the 2nd to come out!!

5 Stars ~Amber

 What a fun story! Laci gets the job of a lifetime working as the Manager of Media (MOM) for the Carolina Rays. The Ray's players resented the MOM and convinced Jake to bed the new MOM in order to get rid of her. What starts out as a bet, quickly morphs into true love. How they navigate their relationship is the fun part of the story. . I really enjoyed this one
5 Stars ~Cindy

Laci get a job for the Carolina Rey’s Baseball Team. It is her dream job, but her contract says she can’t sleep with any of the players. No problem, she grew up with hotshot baseball players and wanted nothing to do with them!

Jake is a star player for the Rey’s and when Laci is hired as their new “Mommy” he agrees to a bet with his teammates to sleep with her so they can get rid of her like they have the previous seven. Only problem, he doesn’t plan on falling for her.

This is a funny story with so much more. I highly recommend it and can’t wait for then next book!

5 Stars ~Natalie 


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