Release Blitz: Close Match by Tracey Jerald

Release Date: October 3, 2019
Cover Design: Amy Queau - QDesign


Evangeline Brogan grew up Broadway royalty. She commands the stage until one night, everything changes. With lifelong secrets revealed, she’s determined to find out the full story. Even if that means leaving everything she knows behind. Arrogant and protective, Montague Parrish needs to be strong enough for his mother and stepfather as a family crisis comes to a head. He’s wary when fate brings Linnie into their lives at a critical moment. Over time their relationship changes; offering light when fear is ready to consume them both. And then reality intrudes, threatening their need to survive each other. After all, life can bring a close match, but it takes love to make it a perfect one.



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About the Author

Tracey Jerald knew she was meant to be a writer when she would re-write the ending of books in her head on her bike when she was a young girl growing up in southern Connecticut. It wasn't long before she was typing alternate endings and extended epilogues "just for fun". After college in Florida, where she obtained a degree in Criminal Justice swearing she saw things she'll never quite believe and never quite forget, Tracey traded the world of law and order for IT. Her work for a world-wide internet startup transferred her to Northern Virginia where she met her husband in what many call their own happily ever after. They have one son. When she's not busy with her family or writing, Tracey can be found in her home in north Florida drinking coffee, reading, training for a runDisney event, or feeding her addiction to HGTV.

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I am not sure I can sum up how I feel about this book because I loved it so much. This story has so many layers. Linnie finds that all she thought she knew about herself was just an illusion. Those around her were great stage players in hiding their own demons, while she felt the weight on her shoulders to be what everyone needed. When the time comes for her to grab a hold of her own destiny will she be strong enough to walk away if necessary.

Linnie and Monty are destined for a great love but there are many obstacles in their way. With the support for family and close friends, they eventually find their way but is the damage to their hearts reversible. This story has high, highs and low, lows with the right amount of angst to keep you sucked in consuming page after page. An amazing inspiring story of redemption and forgiveness.

"I likely can't see the stars because she's dulled them out." "She's the only star I've genuinely wished upon." ~ Montague


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