Practice to Deceive by Olivia Evans

Genre: New Adult Romance

I wasn't always a bad guy, but betrayal has a way of finding your darkest inner demons. Great friends and family weren't enough to save me. I wanted revenge. When the opportunity presented itself, I felt justified. That's karma, right?

Turns out, karma has a way of circling back.

If only I hadn't known what my deceit would cost me.

It will take a lot of work to unravel the damage I've done, but I'll do it. I'll do anything to keep from losing her.

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About the Author

Olivia Evans is a writing obsessed, world traveling, thrill seeking, music junkie. If her heart isn't pounding, she's not living.

Get ready for your emotions to be allover the place. I mean at one point I really wanted to do some harm to Brennan. Some serious harm. But once I realized he fell and fell hard for Skylar, I just knew the other shoe was gonna fall. And it did. and guess what? I never felt sorry for him. But Skylar, god did I lover her. She kept on moving and realized that the love she had, was real.  


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