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When shit hits the fan, it splatters everywhere.

As a single woman who works from home, the world shutting down around you isn't impactful. Seriously, what changes? You're already locked away, isolated in your own little bubble.

But then a pandemic strikes, restrictions are put in place, and along comes Derrick.

My childhood crush and my brother's best friend. Oh, did I mention he's a hot as sin Airline Pilot? With a quarantine in full effect, he's grounded two-thousand miles from home and—you've guessed it, begging for my couch and a fridge to eat out of until, well, to be determined.

Locked at home is one thing. Locked inside with Derrick is a whole other beast. I'm officially screwed.

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Amanda Faye currently resides in Atlanta with her high school sweetheart and husband of 15 years and their 4 amazing children.

She's had a passion for reading and writing since she was a child. She stole her first romance novel from her mother at age 12 and hasn't looked back since.

You could say being a Reeder is in her blood. (Family joke)

Follow her at

This was a fast quirky quarantine story. Derrick is a pilot who is grounded at the start of the shelter in place. Shelby is his best friend's hot little sister whom he shelters with until he can fly again. The attraction has always been hot but "what happens in quarantine, stays in quarantine" Two seemingly strangers "Holed up" for a month, what ever can they do for entertainment? This story was cute, quirky and fun.


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