Release Blitz of Love or Lust: Part 3 by Rachael Brownell



Title: Love or Lust
Author: Rachel Brownell

second-chance romance, love triangle, reality TV romance

Heartbreak and desperation; that’s what drove me.
Then I met them… and suddenly I have a decision to make.

The Love or Lust Trilogy is now complete!

 I’ve made my choice. But with two weeks left to go, the game isn’t over, and anything could happen.

The competition is heating up, lines are being crossed, and I’m pulling out all the stops to get what I want. To be the one left standing with the man of my dreams by my side.

Lennon and Jace are both still after my heart. The final prize. Love.

I think I’ve already won the game.

I may not have come here for a second chance at love, but that’s what I found. Now to find a way to hold onto it until the cameras stop rolling.

But reality isn’t always what it seems, especially on TV. And now that my heart’s on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

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He didn’t ask for permission. He commanded the kiss. His actions demanded I kiss him back. And I did.

Without a second thought.

His kiss stole my breath at first, but then I gave it willingly until my chest constricted so tightly I had to pull away.

I’d never been kissed like that before. By anyone.

And I liked it.

I liked that he took charge. It made me wonder if he was like that in all aspects of his life. His stature alone can be intimidating. His mere presence has me turning my head to look at him. I imagine women fall at his feet, and they don’t know anything about him.

They want to, though.

They should.

It’s his eyes that give him away. I can’t look into them and not see the sweet man beneath their gaze.

And when I finally found the strength to pull away from him last night, I couldn’t help but get lost in them. Then, for a brief second, I let myself fall. Because it could have easily been him.

But it wasn’t.

He wasn’t the one who crawled into my bed last night. It wasn’t his arms that were wrapped around me when I woke up. His body pressed against mine in the shower. His name I was screaming as I came undone.

Yet I can’t shake the vision of his gaze from my memory.

I also can’t keep Courtney and Teegan’s words from tormenting me.

Telling me I couldn’t have both of them. That it was unfair to everyone else.

As if I planned to put myself in the middle of a freaking love triangle.

Still, every moment I spend with Lennon or Jace has their words echoing through my mind.

Am I being selfish?

Even though I made my decision.

And shared that decision with both of them.

Made sure I was clear about what I wanted. Who I wanted.

Does it mean I’m cheating at the game if I don’t push him away? If I let him kiss me and then kissed him back?

This could be my second chance at love, or they could be acting for the cameras.
And If I don’t choose right, I could leave even more broken than I arrived.

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What’s a girl to do when she has two gorgeous men after her heart?
They’ve made their intentions clear and it’s time to decide… before someone is sent home.

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Lennon and Jace are both still after my heart.
The final prize.

Rachael Brownell is an award-winning author of contemporary, New Adult, and YA romance.

Rachael lives in Michigan with her husband, son, cuddly dog, and hateful cat. She published her first book in 2013 and has since released more than 30 additional titles. Her books have been known to take you on a rollercoaster ride - from sweet to dark and everything in between.

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With only two more weeks to go and six contestants left, things are still heating up with Presley and Jace. As more clues about what is going on behind the scenes emerge, a key player is taken out of the equation. With only Presley, Bella, Lennon and Milo in the the final four, the big question of who will choose who hinges on the four acting as a team. I really liked the way the story played out and the friendships that were formed. Love happens when you least expect it. This was a great premise for a fun series with memorable characters.


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