Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Review ~ The Sin Bin by Nikky Kaye

The Sin Bin
Nikky Kaye

“Nothing gets into my crease, Lucy. I still hold the league shutout record. But you snuck between my legs and now I can’t get you out of my head.” 
Lucy Solomon showed up to watch a hockey game in a luxury box wearing jeans and a hoodie, and she didn't give a puck who I was. Now the hotter it gets between us the better my team does on the ice, and I'm getting superstitious. I'm not skating around my feelings--I want to win the playoffs, and I want Lucy, but something's gotta give. 

After being in a grad school cave for two years, it made sense that I'd be drawn to a Neanderthal. I melted for Beckett Hallstrom's brazen moves and boyish charm when we first met, but things exploded when I found out who he really was. Beck wants me to be his good luck charm, but the press is relentless and now my career is in jeopardy. Every competition has a loser and I'm afraid it's going to be me losing my heart. 

THE SIN BIN is a fast and feverish standalone sports romance novella, where high sticking is totally allowed.

The Sin Bin was a sexy, fun read about an ex hockey player Beckett and what he believes is his lucky charm Lucy. Everyone knows that athletes have superstitions and when things go right with Lucy around, Beckett thinks its all about her. With all of the sexy times mixed in with awesome banter you forget there is a hockey game being played. Emotions run high and when the lucky charm turns into more its time for Beckett to score.
4 stars

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