Cover Reveal & Excerpt Reveal: Uninvited Visitors by Savannah Maris

Release Date: June 20, 2018
Cover Design: MadHat Books
Nine years ago, she was just his little sister’s best friend. Nine years ago, he was her best friend’s older brother. Nine years ago, she was in high school. Nine years ago, he was away at college. Nine years ago, she was forbidden. Nine years ago, he was out of her league.
Today, she’s all grown up. Today, he’s angry she’s put herself in danger. Catherine Livingston agreed to help the US Secret Service discover how counterfeit money was moving through Riverton Crossing. Her only condition? Keep Dr. Thomas Gregory out of harm’s way, even if it means losing him. Dr. Thomas Gregory wasn’t happy when the love of his life voluntarily put herself in the path of dangerous people but agreed to the plan. His only condition? Keep her safe, even if it means losing his best friend. Can she find the link the Secret Service needs to connect the dots before someone ends up in Thomas’s ER? And what lengths will Thomas go to keep her safe from some uninvited visitors?





What in the hell is going on with her? She thinks this could end us? Before tonight is over, she’s going to know we’re forever. There may not be a ring on her hand, but dammit, she’s going to know because I’m telling her what I’ve never told anyone.
When he had her naked before him, he pulled off his shirt. “Get on the bed, Cat.”
She shook her head as her hands flew to the sides of his face as soon as his shirt cleared it. She pulled him to her as she rose on her tiptoes to kiss him. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her tight as he deepened the kiss until she pulled back breathless.
“I don’t want to miss any part of this. I want to remove your pants, please.”
He held her stare and nodded as he loosened his hold on her. When he let go of her, she went to her knees before him. He watched as she deftly unfastened the button of his jeans and slid the zipper down. She ran her hands inside, and her eyes popped up to his.
Thomas nodded as a mischievous grin crept across his face. She pushed his jeans down and took his cock into her hand. Licking the head caused him to moan and close his eyes, but just like her he didn’t want to miss a thing, so he opened them and found her watching him as she took him into her mouth.
“Cat,” he whispered as he ran his fingers through her hair and cupped the back of her head with one hand. He didn’t push her forward but didn’t let her back too far away either. She took him as deep as she could, and he hissed as she gently grazed him with her teeth on her retreat.
“Fuck,” he murmured. “Cat, honey, let’s take this to the bed,” he pleaded because he didn’t want to come in her mouth. He gripped her hair and pulled for her to release him. She cut her eyes to his and held them as she slowly let him slip out of her mouth. As soon as his cock was clear, he pulled her to her feet.
“You drive me crazy.”
He ravaged her lips then picked her up and deposited her on the bed. She whimpered when their connection broke, and he walked to the foot of the bed and climbed on.
“I need to taste you, and this is the best angle to get what I want.” Thomas laid between her legs as he opened her folds with his thumbs and stared at the most intimate part of her body. It had been his for months, and it was going to continue to be his forever. She just needed to get on the same page. Her legs tried to close, and he looked up to see tears in her eyes.
“Why are you just looking at me?” Her voice trembled. “Is there something wrong?”
“God no. I was just admiring my beautiful pussy.” He smiled. “Lie back and enjoy, honey. I know I will.”
“You’d tell me if something was wrong, right? I think that’s one of the perks of dating a doctor.”
“Cat, stop it.” He took two fingers and firmly tapped her clit. She gasped then moaned before he went to work with his mouth. He kept his eyes on her until she relaxed. That’s better.
He slid a finger inside her and found her G-spot. As soon as his finger glided over the sensitive area, she arched. The moan that left her mouth spoke to him on a primal level to claim his woman for all eternity.
“Come for me, honey. I need to taste you.”
He bit her clit and tasted her juices flowing into his mouth, so he licked her with a flat tongue to calm her after the explosion she just had. “That’s my girl.”
He kissed her pussy and crawled up her body. He didn’t even bother wiping her excess from his mouth before he kissed her. “See how good you taste? My honey is as sweet as honey.” His eyes twinkled. “Now you know why I started calling you that after our first night at the ranch.”
Her mouth fell slightly open. “What?”
“You tasted like honey to me, so the next morning it just felt natural to call you that. It reminds me of what happened that night. Now it’s a reminder we both can share.”
He kissed his way from her mouth to her jaw to her neck and back to where he started. Poised at her entrance, he moved his hips for the head of his cock to enter her. He stayed right on the edge to drive her as crazy as she drove him. When she moved her hips to get him deeper, he grinned.
“What’s wrong, Cat? What do you need?”
“I need you, Thomas. I need you deeper. Please move.”
Thomas lifted up on his hands so he could see her breasts. “Watch, Cat. Watch my cock go into my sweet pussy. Take your hand and push down on your belly between your navel and pubic bone.” He breathed in even slower when he felt the pressure from her hand.
“Now you can feel me outside and inside. Holy shit that feels good.” Thomas picked up the pace. “Come on, Cat. I’m right behind you, honey. I don’t know how long I can hold off.”
Cat tilted her head to look into his eyes as she fisted the sheet. She was shaking with pleasure. He knew she was close, and he knew what she needed to go over the edge, so he lowered to his forearm and rubbed her clit as he bit her earlobe.
“Ahhh,” she cried. Her orgasm hadn’t waned before he went over the edge.
“Oh, hell,” he said between breaths as his hips slowed their motion. He brought his hand from between them and rested on his forearms as he peppered kisses on her face.


One of Five ARC's for Uninvited Visitors
  About the Author
I’m Savannah Maris, a southern girl and hopeless romantic. I’m passionate about writing stories that incorporate southern charm with a little spice. Unwelcomed Greeting is my first book and the first book in the Riverton Crossing Series.
I grew up on a farm in a small town with a love of sports, dance, and music which will show up somewhere in my books. I'm a mother to two grown kids. When I’m not writing, my husband and I are attending a sporting event, travelling, or working.  

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