Release Blitz: No Excuses by Nikky Kaye

Title: No Excuses 
Author: Nikky Kaye 
Genre: Billionaire Romantic Comedy 

MEMO: from Brian Gage to Madeline Jones

During our upcoming staff retreat, I would like to expand your position from “Communications Assistant” to “Naked and Underneath Me.” Please make a note of the following SMART goal (supplemental PowerPoint presentation to follow):

Specific: To fall in bed, but not in love
Measurable: about nine inches
Achievable: I didn’t become a billionaire by being indecisive.
Realistic: I will make all your fantasies come true. Bring extra underwear.
Time-bound: ETA--between the trust exercises and the rope’s course.

Just a reminder, attendance is mandatory.

No excuses.

No Excuses is a full-length, 300-page romance novel about a no-nonsense billionaire and the woman who teaches him how to say, "please." It's steamy, it's funny, and now includes a never-before published 12k epilogue. For your continued reading enjoyment, I've also included two insanely hot romance novellas that should have you fanning yourself and laughing out loud~Nikky Kaye

Who doesn't love an alpha billionaire who discovers that he's not invincible? Or a bad boy with a heart of gold? My heroes know what they want and aren't afraid to talk dirty. My heroines are smart, sassy, and not afraid to GET dirty. Whether it's a slow burn or a brush fire, my favorite romances are the ones where the HEA leaves you with a bubble of joy in your chest.*

When I'm not writing, I'm being held hostage by my young twin boys and half-finished house projects. In a former life I was a college professor, and worked with movie stars and at the United Nations. Now I get to create real happy endings, with a zero tolerance policy for cheating.

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