RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW - Savage Liar by Kristen Luciani


Title: Savage Liar
Series: Sinfully Savage #2
Author: Kristen Luciani
Genre: Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2021


I Kidnapped My Enemy’s Little Sister…Now I’m Obsessed.

Jaelyn Torres is equal parts sexy and ruthless, with a confidence that grabbed me by the balls. She’s no innocent dove with her fiery tongue and a body so sinful it could tempt even the most faithful of men.

But she’s my captive not my plaything. I need to keep my mind and my hands off the leather-clad siren to protect my empire, no matter how badly I want to punish her for running her smart mouth.

I will claim her.
Break her.
Use her.
Jaelyn, you will be mine.

One taste of the seductive beauty ruined me,
Crushed my resolve.
Before long, I’m infatuated, on fire for the woman I’m supposed to hate.

So I give her an ultimatum.
If she wants to save her brother’s life, she’ll have to submit…
To me.



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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing April 1



Kristen Luciani is a USA Today bestselling romance author and coach with a penchant for stilettos, kickboxing, and grapefruit martinis. As a deep-rooted romantic who loves steamy, sexy, and suspense-filled stories, she tried her hand at creating a world of enchantment, sensuality, and intrigue, finally uncovering her true passion. Pun intended…


From New York to Vegas. When the family looks to branch out, Sergio heads to Vegas to do just that. When he devises a plan to take over a competitor in the Vegas night life, to say things get complicated is beyond an understatement. New threats rise and things don't go as planned.
Nate and Jae relocated to Vegas from Miami leaving their past behind, or so they hoped. They built a successful business and branched out, drawing the attention of the Villani family.
The story is fast paced and filled with action and suspense, the banter between Jae and Sergio is golden, she has a mouth that won't quit and he gives as good as he gets. I love the bond Nate and Jae share, and the rivalry between the Villani brothers keeps things interesting for sure.
I'm looking forward to the other brother's stories.


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