Release Date: August 12

Aaron showed me what it was to feel protected, loved, and cherished. Then, he destroyed me without so much as a goodbye.

He left me alone, to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. Years went by and I fooled myself into thinking I had moved on, content with a secure job and the new man in my life.

Unfortunately, something that was truly broken cannot be fixed without leaving deep scars. Those old wounds rip wide open when Aaron storms back into my life. He wants to rehash the past and stir up long buried feelings. But I can’t give in to the fire of passion I’ve carried for him all these years.

There’s too much at stake.

When Aaron vanished, he left me with a secret. One I will protect at all cost. What do I have to lose if the truth comes out?


Meet Isabella Phoenix

Isabella lives near London in the UK with her husband, two children and two furbabies.
She fell in love with reading at a young age, always getting lost in a book. In fact, she loved it so much, that her husband suggested that she write one of her own, and so she did.

Isabella loves all the cheesy Netflix series, as well as all the Disney films. Just don't get her to watch a scary film, because she will make it a hundred times worse, being terrified of things going bump in the night.

When she isn't busy writing, she can be found spending time and exploring new places with her family.

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