Blog Review ~ Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn

Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn


Welcome to Luminous: where your pleasure is our purpose. Fan-favorite author Stacey Lynn tantalizes readers with a sensual new series.  
The first time I felt Master Jensen's presence beside me, I knew he would be the one to show me all the kinky pleasures of Luminous. 
That I would give my body to him. Begin my journey to sexual freedom at his feet. 
But when I dared raise my eyes to his, I saw he would get a part of me no man had had before: my trust. 
From the instant I saw her blush, I was captivated. 
There was power in her innocence—a power I quickly controlled. 
Every moan, every cry, every new awakening was mine. I pushed her boundaries and watched her sexual confidence grow…knowing that in the end, I would have to let her go. 
I know the price of love and I'm not willing to pay it. 
I dominated her body and she enthralled my heart. But I have to walk away before I ruin the one I love. 

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Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn was a 5 star hit for me. It had all the feels I wanted and it hit its mark when keeping my attention.
Haley is a newcomer to the BDSM lifestyle but she has done her homework on what it is and what she wants, now she is working on finding that Master she can call her own. Jensen is a Master who has stayed away from the lifestyle for the past several years due to a bad relationship. But when he meets Haley he is instantly taken with her. They begin their training and realize they both want more as time goes on. But with both of their pasts coming forward, can they make it to their future?

This was a great story that showed how a new sub is introduced and how a master has to learn his new sub.


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