Blog Review ~ Satisfaction by Jeanne McDonald

Satisfaction (Taking Chances #2)
Jeanne McDonald 


Brix Johnson is the kind of guy a girl brings home to meet her parents. The reserved intellect. The handsome boy next door. The wealthy yoga instructor. He's also the guy haunted by the mysterious woman who gave him the best sex of his life, yet refused to give him her name. With his bombshell no more than a memory, he does what any normal, sexually frustrated man would do -- he returns to Indulgence. At Indulgence, a yearly, invitation only, New Year's Eve erotic masquerade party, Brix can shed his typical persona for one night, and be anyone he wants to be. Lucky for him, the women at Indulgence don't require conversation. They simply want hardcore sex. But when his past sneaks into his fantasy, can he cope with reality or will he walk away from pure satisfaction? 


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Wow! I loved this book! I've been looking forward to this book once I heard that Author Jeanne McDonald was going to write another book after Indulgence: Book One. Hot and steamy is what this book definitely is; well-written and quick moving this story moves along at a fast pace.

Brix is just everything (sigh) ... He is handsome and caring. The chemistry he has with Aspen is everything I could hope for in real life. I look forward to what Author Jeanne McDonald publishes next.


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