Tour Package: Tainted Retribution by Emery LeeAnn & L.X. Deveraux

Title: Tainted Retribution
Series: Dragons of Death MC
Authors: Emery LeeAnn and L. X. Deveraux 
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2020
Hauser is the wild boy of the MC, or at least that's what others say. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, and the brothers wouldn't have it any other way. Along with the Dragons, he is ready to raise hell and ask questions later; busting heads, burning lives and bringing blood and chaos. Hauser will stop at nothing to guard what's important to him: his brotherhood, their honor and their loyalty. 
Feel no guilt. 
Bear no regret.
Show no mercy.
Sydney meets Hauser and finds that he's more than sex on a stick and hell on wheels. She is the brassy girl that might tame the feral boy, or will she want to? What will Sydney be willing to do when hard decisions need to be made?
When Ryla decides she want to make daddy dearest pay for what he did in the past, she aims to bring the Dragons to their knees. The games that she will play are bloody and dirtier that anyone can imagine. It's a contest of wills, and she's determined to make Dominic pay, even if she has to raise hell and bring out the Devil in him herself.
Lives will be lost, blood will be spilled. Those who stand against the Dragons will get burnt and suffer a tainted retribution.
***This is for an eighteen and over age group. This book will have raw, graphic, material not suited for all.
Emery LeeAnn is an International Best Selling Author who lives in Ohio with her family. 

Besides being addicted to coffee, she is a true believer that variety adds spice to your life. Writing in every genre gives her the variety she craves. Her characters like to invade her mind every hour of the day usually waking her up in the middle of the night. 
Loving the dark and gray side of things, she is exploring her passion with the written word. There are many wonders to come from her in her twisted Wonderland..... Stick around you may find you enjoy her special brand of torture.
L.X. Deveraux loves to read and, as a result, she loves writing her own fantastic stories. Her passion for literature started when she realized books could make her imagination fly to unknown destinations. She is a very shy person, but she believes her true nature comes out in the stories she writes. 

Being the mother of 2 very cute puppies and a psycho cat, plus being married to an unpredictable man, led her to believe that, if she could survive the crazy and the cute, why not the tales that are plaguing her mind?

The journey and the destination will come with a consequence: the thoroughly enjoyment of a fantabulistic story. Her invitation is waiting; would you dare take the chance?

Tainted Retribution is the first book from the Dragons of Death series and from either author I have read. Both authors take you on a ride as the Dragons try to find out who's trying to destroy them from the inside. I loved following the developing story of Sydney and Hauser, as well as the other members of the MC. I look forward to reading more from either author, and will be going back to read the first 3 books in the series when I can.


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