One Kiss One Vow by Alora Kate


Genre: New Adult Romance

One Kiss.
One Vow.

The night Hayden and Leighton met, they made their first decision as a couple.

 A decision that would change their entire lives.

Despite the nay-sayings of everyone they knew, they plunged headfirst, never imagining what would become of one night.

One kiss turned into two.

One vow turned into something much more intense.

Every experience transformed them as a couple and brought them closer together until a single mistake threatened everything they've become.

How can they stand with the world against them? Only staying together gives them enough hope for the future.

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This book was highly anticipated. Alora Kate never fails to deliver a story that completely immerses you into the world she creates. She warned it would be an ugly cry, but I don't even think ugly-cry covers it. I loved Hayden and Leighton's story so much. It starts off with tears, at least for me. Leighton is a strong person dealt an ugly hand. She runs into Hayden when she's trying to escape her hospital room. She asks him the unexpected and the rest is history. Their story is unlike anything I've read before. I loved it. It just broke me, a lot. It doesn't have the typical HEA, but it is a beautiful ending. I highly recommend One Kiss One Vow.


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