Renegade by Jeanne McDonald

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense

A rookie cop and a chance meeting with two men. One is strait-laced and perfect. The other is a tattooed, pierced, foul-mouthed criminal.

One is everything right and safe. A compliment to her in personality and temperament.

The other is all danger, mystery, and contradiction. Entirely wrong for her, yet so perfectly right.

When their worlds collide, Lucy Diamond will learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice as she embarks on the road of no return with bad boy, Jude Wallace, and good guy, Ian Clarke.

Like a thief in the night, love will take her by surprise.

**Originally part of the Branded: A Bad Boy anthology. Now a full-length novel**

Don't blink or you will miss something with this action packed story. Have you ever read a story and couldn't figure out who the good guy was and who was the bad guy? I did this throughout the book..I kept reading going "he is hiding something" Great story that kept me up all night!

This was a great suspense filled book. What more could a reader ask for, a female cop who falls in love with a real life bad boy on the other side of the law?? Lucy and Jude will heat up your pages and leave you flipping fast.

Cover Design: Jada D'Lee Designs | Publisher: Enchanted Publications

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About the Author

Jeanne McDonald enjoys writing contemporary romance filled with spice, drama, and humor. As JM Dodd, Jeanne's creativity explores the supernatural, relishes in the world of fantasy, and dabbles in contemporary fiction.

She prides herself in being a mother, a friend, a student of knowledge and of life, a coffee addict, a philosophy novice, a pop culture connoisseur, inspired by music, encouraged by words, and believer in humanity.

Jeanne is the founder of the author co-op, Enchanted Publications, and is an avid supporter of autism awareness, combating senior hunger, and higher education access.

When she's not spending time with her amazing son, her dog, and her cat, she can be found reading, writing, enjoying a great film, or cooking for friends. In her house, there's always music or a podcast playing.

A proud Texan, Jeanne currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her son, Bacon, and Espresso.


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