Virtue & Vice by Phoebe Alexander

Series: Spicetopia; Book 2
Genre: Interracial Erotic BDSM Romance

Who says denying your vices is a virtue?
Screw that person. Literally.

The creators of Spicetopia know adulting is hard. Bills. Mortgages. Parenting. Estate planning. Sometimes you just need to kick back and indulge your inner kid -- except now that inner kid has grown-up tastes.

Two couples set out to create a world of adult fun in a slice of paradise called Spicetopia. Cy and Jolie have experience from the kids' theme park Cy's family owns. Moon and Katja bring technical and architectural expertise to the table. Can these four work together and build their dream world -- while having plenty of adult fun along the way? Or will their dream end up being flushed right down the toilet?

Virtue & Vice is Book 2 in the Spicetopia series. Though these sweet and spicy books can be read in any order, we recommend you read Book 1, Sugar & Spice first. You can find it in the Sweetest Obsessions boxed set or in paperback.

This is installment number two in this series and boy, does Phoebe Alexander know how to keeps it hot! We met Cy and Jolie in the first book and get to revisit them. We learned of Moon and Katja at the end of book one and get more acquainted in this book. I loved the interaction between the characters and how real and appealing Ms. Alexander makes her characters. This book will definitely steam up your reading glasses and leave you wanting more!

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