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BOOK BLURB   His nickname’s Sexy Satan. For the past three years I’ve called him boss. So why is he telling everyone that he’s my boyfriend? Working for Chase Lancaster was supposed to catapult my marketing career. Instead, I’m trapped in personal assistant hell. His hobbies include barking orders, torpedoing my advertising campaigns, and reducing the office staff to tears. On a good day, he acts like I’m invisible. On a bad day, I remind myself arsenic is not an acceptable sweetener for coffee. And prison orange would be murder on my complexion. Imagine my surprise when Chase follows me home to Bitter End, North Carolina, where I’m about to endure my ex-fiancé’s wedding. The moment he chases off my date and offers to pose as my boyfriend, I know he's got a hidden agenda—especially when he plays the part a little too convincingly. Unfortunately, I have to play along to find out what he’s really up to. To satisfy the town gossip squad, I’ll have to let him kiss me. Who knew Satan’s lips were so soft and inviting? And if we’re really playing the part, we’ll have to go to Lover’s Lane – testing my willpower beyond its limits. The more time we spend together outside the office, though, the more I see a different side of him. He’s still bossy and demanding, but is it wrong that I find it kind of, well … hot? This wedding is bound to be hell, so I might as well spend it in the arms of a sexy dev Goodreads: PURCHASE LINKS: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: Amazon CA:   TEASERS   EXCERPT OPTIONS:   OPTION #1: I mop off part of the desk, dry it, and then set down the fresh blotter. There are still a few splatters on the end of the desk, though, and Chase is directly in my way. “Can you please get up so I can finish cleaning?” I huff. He taps on his keyboard and smiles coldly at me. “Sorry, but you’ll just have to work around me.” I try to get revenge by bumping into him several times as I blot up the last of the coffee from his desk. I “accidentally” dig my heel into his foot, and he moves abruptly. Losing my balance, I trip and fall into his lap. Oh my God. I’m sitting on something that feels like a flashlight stuffed down his trousers. Holy hell. Is he all right, or should he seek medical attention for the swelling? And why is it hard as a rock? Is that because of me? He smiles politely at my shocked expression. “Something to say, Miss Abernathy?” I’m absolutely speechless. I squirm a little and bite back a moan. His smile stretches wider, and I want to die. Preferably impaled on his … No! I won’t even let myself think it!   OPTION #2: I’m two seconds away from bursting into tears when Chase slings his arm around my shoulders. I stiffen in shock—and something else. A strange heat floods my body, making me shiver. He pulls me in close and leans down as if he’s about to whisper something sweet and romantic in my ear. “Relax, you moron. Do you want to sell this, or what? I’m your wedding date, not your kidnapper.” My wedding date? He’d do that for me? I’m completely discombobulated by this sudden turn of events, and the feeling of his warm breath on my ear, and his muscular arm wrapped tightly around my shoulders. And I still have no damned idea why he’s in Bitter End.   ABOUT THE AUTHOR I'm a life-long reader of romance, and cut my teeth on Jennifer Crusie books (they were chewy, but flavorful.) I take in rescue dogs, and I've never met a dog I didn't want to add to my pack. I love a good rom com, whether it be in the form of screwball comedy movies from the 1930s, modern day Katherine Heigl/Meg Ryan/Reese Witherspoon/ et cetera laugh-fests, or books by my many favorite authors. I love to hear from readers, so please stop on by or and say hey! AUTHOR LINKS Facebook: Website: BookBub:

This was such a fun read.  Not only did Chase learn alot about the woman who he called his PA but he also learned how vicious his family really is and how family is supposed to stand together.  And once Chase starts to realize is feelings...whew boy!  the sparks fly!!!


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