His Airhead by Mayra Statham

Series: Kappa Sweets; Book 3
Genre: Rom-Com / New Adult Romance

Welcome to the Kappa Sweets Sorority Series!

Hudson Walker has been twisted up by Kappa Sweets president, Allie Davenport since he laid eyes on her. But for their own good he's convinced himself she's just your typical spoiled sorority airhead.

Allie Davenport's been crushing hard on brooding Hudson even if he seems to hate her.

But when his control breaks and they share a mind blowing kiss he calls a mistake, she doesn't wilt away. She takes it as a challenge!

Temps might be dropping this fall but things are starting to heat up with the girls at Kappa Sweets!

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Hudson and Allie seem like they are 2 different people from different worlds, but what the other doesn't realize is the they both have huge crushes on each other. I loved how Hudson was just so tenacious with her and turned into this total alpha when it came to his Allie. Enjoyable, quick, fun read!


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