*Cover Reveal* Nevaeh by Dzintra Sullivan




Halfway House Series book #3

Author Dzintra Sullivan


Hello, I'm Nevaeh. I'm only here at the Halfway House because Archangel Michael got his wings in a twist, said I had a bad attitude and threw me out of heaven.

A bad attitude? Me? How rude! 

Now I have to save seven souls from imminent death as a direct result of the seven deadly sins, to gain my position back in heaven. Far out! Archangel Michael must have been really pissed to initiatesuch a difficult challenge. 

While saving an abandoned bear cub, I encounter a huge and 'rattle your bones' sexy werebear,named Macht Claw. Now I’m not so sure I want to go back. 

With Archangel Uriel in my corner and Archangel Malik not, a great battle of good vs. evil is bound to erupt. Not only is my soul in jeopardy, but also the seven souls I’m supposed to save.

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About the Author

Australian born and bred, happily married to a wonderful Canadian man, and we have been blessed with 4 amazing children. (Most of the time anyway) I love all things paranormal, my main attraction to it is the impossible being made possible. I am a hopeless romantic, and love a HEA in my books. If it has fangs, fur, wings, or halos I am all over it... (And anything in between) I am strange and weird and kooky, but in saying that I am loyal and lovable and honest. I hope you enjoy my books and look forward to meeting you all.

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