*SALE* The Truth in Lies by Jeanne McDonald

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The Truth in Lies by Jeanne McDonald

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I traced the tape line along the side of the box.  It was soft to the touch until I reached the edges where the tape had been severed.  
“Well, don’t just stand there, sweetheart, open it!” Mom exclaimed.
I looked up at Drew, tugging the corner open.  “Please tell me you’re not one of those girls,” he teased.
“Nope, I’m not,” I replied, shredding the metallic wrapping paper.  What I found beyond the paper astounded me.  It was a turquoise box with the insignia Tiffany & Co embedded in silver.  
“Andy,” I gasped.  
“It’s really not much, Mickie.  I was in New York last week to see my sister, and I happened to pass by the store.  I saw this and thought of you.”
“This is too much,” I whispered.
My mother was practically bouncing.  “Jesus, child, let us see what you got.”
Chuckling, I lifted the lid of the box only to discover what I knew was inside, another jewelry box.  This casing was the same color but in a vinyl finish.  The hinges squeaked as I opened the box revealing a platinum necklace with a round diamond solitaire.


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