Blog Review ~ An Act of Courage by K.C. Lynn

An Act of Courage 
K.C. Lynn

She’s the light from his past.

He’s the one her heart has always longed for. 

Trained by the best, Christopher Walker has fought hard for his country and even harder to forget the only girl he’s ever loved. He spent countless nights submerged in death and destruction only to find himself clinging to the memories of her when the darkness crept in. 

When her life is threatened, Christopher will stop at nothing to protect her. Even if it means having to confront his past.

Alissa Malone never thought she would find herself face-to-face again with the only boy she’s ever loved. But she soon realizes Christopher is not the same man he once was. 

His touch is still electrifying—his voice still earth shattering. But there’s a darkness about him that wasn’t there before. A pain he harbors so deep that she can feel it all the way to her soul. 

One fateful moment destroyed his very existence, and only one person will be able to make him realize that what he considers an act of dishonor was truly an act of courage.
This is Book Four in the Acts Of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men Of Honor. It is not necessary to read all the other books in the series. However, I do highly recommend that you at least read Resisting Temptation, the third book in the Men of Honor series since this is where these Characters story began.

So, I've been a huge KC fan for about 2.5 years. I was scrolling through the Kindle Store one day (It's a compulsion, I could spend hours doing it) and came across a book that was free, AND was a Friends-To-Lovers. That's legit my favorite troupe. Ever. Anyway, I saw those two things and KNEW I had to 1-click it. It was Fighting Temptation, her first book. I fell in love, and that love went even deeper when I realized it was a series! The Men of Honor Series. I snagged the other two and was sucked in from the beginning, it took me 2.5 days to read those three books. KC knows how to write an alpha like no other. Funny, sexy, strong, hard, but also so so soft. But only for their women, of course.

An Act of Courage is the 4th book in the spinoff Series, Acts of Honor. This is about Christopher. A boy, who as a child was abused both mentally and physically by his father. He was taken in by Faith and Cade (Their book is the third book in the Men of Honor series) when he's 15. That's when he meets Alissa. A girl is the complete opposite from him. She comes from a background of money. She's shiny and pure and beautiful. They end up dating for years. They even decide to stay in Charleston and go to college together so they can stay together. Even though Christopher was accepted into the BUD/S program, which was his dream, he was willing to stay with Alissa, until he unintentionally finds out that she's been accepted into Johns Hopkins medical school to be a nurse. To let her live her dream, he has to let her go, because he knows that she would stay back for him, and he doesn't want to keep her from her dream.

After they're apart for 5 years, something brings them back together. Something that no one wants to see, or be apart of, Multiple things, actually, but in the midst of all of that ugly, the reconnection is beautiful. I'm not going to say what happens to bring them back together, you find that out in the first couple of chapters, but I will say that this book is so amazing. You'll laugh, you'll be frustrated, you'll want to cry...Oh god, you'll cry. So tissue warning.
I'm pretty sure this is the first book to ever make me have to put it down just to regroup and calm down a little. My chest hurt so bad during a certain chapter. My throat felt like a rock was lodged in it, and I ugly cried.

My heart hurt so much for Christopher and his struggles, but it also healed when his healed. I can't wait for everyone to read this book, hell all of her books because like I said, no one, NO ONE writes an alpha like Kacey does!! She's amazing at her craft, you can tell her whole heart and soul goes into her books, especially this one.

Definitely a 5 star, MUST READ book!!


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