Blog Review ~ Spy Fall by Audrey Randall

Spy Fall 
by Audrey Randall

He’s the man with the golden… you get the picture. Delilah Faber is the geekiest woman she has ever met, and that’s saying a lot considering she is a programmer at one of the world’s most famous video game companies. She believes that fate is playing a cruel trick on her by making her best friend, Brandon Ryker, not only the sexiest man she has ever seen, but also one of the CIA’s top agents. If only she could tell him how she feels…

Brandon has been in love with Delilah for years, but feels less nervous at facing the business end of a gun barrel than sharing his passion for her. However, after one particularly difficult assignment, the world is not enough to stop him from making it his mission to make her see that they are meant to be. He will take her shaken and stirred. Will Brandon save her and will they live to love another day?

WARNING: This book is full of over-the-top Bond references. Corny to the hilt, but oh so fun! Let yourself enjoy this fun romp. For your eyes only!

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I loved Delilah and Brandon!!!!

Delilah and Brandon have been best friends since school. Now as adults, they share a place, well it’s more of Delilah lives there and Brandon visits when he is town. Why is that you ask? Well, if I told you in this review, it would take the surprise and fun out of reading the book.

Delilah has always loved Brandon; however, she always thought Brandon only wanted her in the ‘friend zone”. Brandon has always loved Delilah but never told her until a near death experience. Brandon returns how and what transpires is what one would consider as a mission.

I thoroughly loved the storyline of Delilah and Brandon. Highly recommend!


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