Blog Review ~ One More Night by Sarah O'Rourke

One More Night
Sarah O'Rourke

Crenshaw Jacobson met the woman of his dreams...and he was determined to spend every night possible with her. But Waverlee Armstrong was leery of commitment, having been abandoned by her family at an early age. Can she learn to trust Shaw and spend just one more night? 

Written as part of Sex, Vows & Babies Kindle World

Crenshaw (Shaw) sees young, shy Waverlee at the local bar and knows she is the one to give him the future he has been wanting. Waverlee is not as sure on Shaw. Her childhood was full of heartbreak so she makes sure to keep her heart and other feelings secure. But Shaw is determined and it is the sweetest and most sexiest of times that softens the walls around Waverlee. This is a short novella that was fun to read and had me laughing and cheering Shaw on.  


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